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Check out the hilarious new multiplayer release featuring an aggressive robber and a stubborn family.

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Filthy Hands is a hilarious 4-person multiplayer game that depicts a home invasion situation like no other. Featuring a one man team as a thief who has to give everything he has to steal the family's safe before the police arrive within the 5 minute game limit. The opposing team features a family of 3 who have to work together to try and prevent the thief from stealing their valued safe.


Work together as a family of 3 to defend your valuable safe, using a variety of items ranging from a pan to firecrackers to give the robber the worst time of his life. Use teamwork to distribute tasks, such as hiding the safe and distracting the robber in order to buy time before the police arrives. The combination of the funny animations and use of teamwork makes defending in Filthy Hands just as exciting as invading the house. Players can place firecrackers wherever they desire to create a tactical advantage and stun the intruder for a couple of seconds. Using melee weapons such as the baseball bat and the frying pan gives the same effect, although provides more flexibility whenever the intruder surprises the family.

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Play as a one man team featuring a young home invader who attempts to steal his biggest jackpot yet. Armed with a single-action revolver, the invader has to use strategy and stealth or brute force to eliminate the entire opposing family in order to steal the safe. Do you have what it takes to outsmart an entire family who would do anything to defend their valuable belongings, while racing against the clock?

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