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Freelancer was all about the Fighter Combat. Here is how Sins of the Sirius Sector deals with this.

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Those familiar with Freelancer will be aware that the Fighters present in this universe are highly versatile, autonomous craft able to operate in deep space alone or in groups only needing to resupply every so often.

In SotSS Fighters will operate in a way that is a combination of regular sins frigates and corvettes.

Their are 3 main 'classes' of Fighter in SotSS, the Light Fighter (LF), Heavy Fighter (HF) and Very Heavy Fighter (VHF). There is also a 'Bomber' class which is basically just a less agile VHF with a stronger anti-capital focus.

Light Fighters are the fast, agile scouts and interceptors able to move quickly into position and lay down fire. As such they make good recon and fast response units and are usually good for intercepting VHFs

Heavy Fighters are the main fighting force of each faction. They can be armed with a variety of loadouts and act as good dog fighters.

Very Heavy Fighters are the heavy hitters. Usually armed with a variety of powerful guns, missiles and torpedoes. They tend to be vulnerable to Light Fighters and often lack weapons to combat them.

Bombers are specialised VHFs (and are still classed as a VHF) that are usually armed with lots of torpedoes and missiles. This variety of VHF is vulnerable to all other fighters due to rarely having any anti-fighter weapons

All fighters are installed with a passive nano-bot repair function. This allows them to rapidly repair their hull when out of combat. (for 60 seconds)
This is the Sins 'passive' hull regen at work, but is modified to quickly repair the ship after the timeout.
Only fighters have this ability, freighters and capitals have such a large surface area that it isn't practical to repair them through nano-technology. (they instead must rely on abilities and repair facilities)

Some fighters (and ACE pilots too) may also have extra nano-bot abilities which allows them to repair even in combat.

Another important thing to note is the armor class system has been altered to allow certain targeting restrictions.

Light Fighters are of the 'verylight' armor class. only weapons designed for hitting fast moving objects are able to target and fire upon a LF (antiverylight and antilight)

This way I am able to prevent silly things like the Rheinland Bismark being able to fire powerful plasma broadsides at a tiny patriot LF.

For those interested:
Ship Class ================= Armor Class

Light Fighter Verylight
Heavy Fighter Light
VH Fighters/Bombers Medium
Freighters Heavy
Small Capitals Very Heavy
Large Capitals Capitalship

All Fighter craft are able to use cruise drives (phase jump) to other gravity wells and thanks to the out of combat regen able to operate for extended periods of time without much support.

The majority of battles will be fought and won (or lost!) using the various fighter craft of the Sirius Sector.

Feel free to ask questions!

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