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Behind the scenes, Feudums keeps moving forward. Key hires have joined the team and the release of the map editor is just around the corner.

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The name is Mark, and I’m just one of a bunch of newbies on the 2 Pence Studios’ staff. I guess somewhere in my job description I’m supposed to do things like write up witty and clever promotional stuff…so <poof!>
here it is!

Welcome to September…a month of beginnings. I begin my new stint with 2 Pence Studio as their marketing guru, and, of course, here in the States, students are starting a new school year, professional American football season starts (Go Dallas Cowboys!) and it’s the start of autumn. But more importantly, I hope to announce very soon the start of the final countdown to the birth of Feudums. It all begins with the publication of the game’s map editor which should be released very soon.

Now that you know September holds great promise, let’s do a quick recap of August. For the most part, it was a solid month with the core team doing the things that must be done…meeting with lawyers and investors and such. Obviously, we’d like for them to be off concentrating on finishing up this grand game but the legal and governmental gods must be appeased!

As I alluded at the start, I wasn’t the only person to come on board in August. We also added some developers and artist-types. All of them supremely talented! With the team increasing in size, the pace of production will be revving up.

The next milestone is the map editor, followed closely by our community platform to give a home to the game and our players. Both are right around the corner!

We need to start getting our friends as excited as you are for these upcoming releases…please make sure you invite them to ‘like’ the Feudums Facebook page, and of course, keep checking back here at IndieDB.

Hang in there! The end of the race is almost in sight!splitter

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