Now you will have even more freedom to role-play as your preferred character! And that freedom is essential to a good RPG!

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Hey guys!

Thanks to you ATOM now have a female protagonist! Men and women both have an equal chance to try their luck in the wild and beautiful Wastes!

Both will face danger and challenges! Sometimes the same and sometimes quite different!..

Now you will have even more freedom to role-play as your preferred character! And that freedom is essential to a good RPG!

1000 backers special weaponAS Val - Work in progressAS Val - Work in progress

Meet AS Val a Soviet-designed assault rifle! Since 1987, it was added to the arsenal of the Red Army and the KGB, and is still in use to this day!

But in the world of ATOM, where the Apocalypse destroyed the previous world in the 1986, AS Val is a real rarity!

It's considered an experimental weapon of the highets quality! Weapon that the dwellers of the Wastes would give an eye for!

The Chosen skinThe Chosen render - Work in progressThe Chosen render - Work in progress

The Chosen along side the Ranger is a part of our special, Kickstarter only, bundle!

Sporting a worm woolen overcoat equipped with durable plastic shoulder plates, and wearing a special kind of gas mask (*as an item) this guy or girl is always prepared to meet the hazardous side of the Wastes head on!

Special trait

Hand-picked for greatness from the first days of his or her life, the Chosen was always a minor center of attention in ATOM. The Wastes will become the final test for the Chosen...

Was everyone back in ATOM right in putting all their hopes and dreams into this one kadet? Or did they choose wrongly?..

Either way, you can expect your character to be a special kind of person - sometimes spouting bits of pure wisdom or specialist lingo in dialogues and getting unique reactions from the inhabitants of the world.

Special items

The Chosen will set out into the Wastes carrying two special items. The first one is a unique gas-mask/helmet, that is sure to get our hero out of a few tight spots.

We won't spoil the other one, but believe us when we say this - the other thing he or she is going to carry into the Wastes will remind all it's abominable inhabitants why they should respect and fear lone striders in thick overcoats!..

Thank you guys for all your support! You are making ATOM into something special here!

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