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Ever since the latest beta update (which added the all-new league mode), you guys/gals have gave some awesome feedback! Read on to find out what has changed in response to that!

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Since the latest beta update, there were many requests and suggestions made from you guys/gals! So let's do some reflection on some of the more common and outstanding ones.

The Skipping

Stage cleared!

Winning a stage brings you to this scene where you are able to see how much gold and how many moves you took during the stage. However, sometimes it might take some time for all of that animation to be over.

So if you have already seen it before and wished that it could be skipped, now it is possible to do so!

Skipping now possible!

The new skip button at the top right corner brings you right to the end where you'll see your rank for the stage! You won't be able to see how much gold you have earned or how many moves you took though. But hey, now you can skip straight to getting more stuff from the store or jump right to the next stage!

Stage ranks and rubies

Now if you have played Small Chronicles (as an alpha/beta tester), clearing any stage with a 'A' or 'S' rank earns you free rubies!

S rank! Rubies!

However, that also means that with a high level character, you could potentially play stage 1 over and over again for that awesome 6 rubies.

S rank? Why only 1 ruby?

To prevent that from being abused, the amount of rubies that you can earn from each stage is now dependent on your character's level! This will also encourage you to attempt stages that are more relevant to your character's level (stronger monsters, better rewards) !

Customizing appearances

This is actually one of the most requested feature I had so far! While it is still under progression, it will not be like your usual character customization screen at the start of the game. Think of it as character customization through the items that you equip.

What's to come...

You can be sure that it will help your character stand out, especially in league matches! Be sure to keep checking back to find out when the next update will arrive!

And if you haven't done so, be sure to like Small Chronicles on Facebook or follow on Twitter! Cheers!

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