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I hope, I can get some player feedbacks here from moddb. Here are some from another forum:

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Thanks you pie, and everyone else who worked on the mod ! I never had such a magnificent experience with any other mod, make history great again !

That awkward moment when a small mod is better than a whole Rome 2 game with a bazillion budget(which they spent on fckng sound and toys instead of actual game design). Sorry for this outrage xD

Yes, it's definitely educational. Other mods bring historical elements into the game, but the shear scale of what you have done dwarfs any other mods I've seen. I'm about 18 hours into my first game of it, and I'm still discovering new things you've added--it's like as soon as I think, "It would be nice if it did x," I find out "Oh, it does." Just now I was wishing I could drag ships across the Isthmus of Corinth like they actually did, and I was browsing your Civilopedia entries and sure enough, supply wagons can portage ships across land.

You've added a ton of new features to the game that add to its historical feel and enhanced its game play with everything still feeling balanced and polished--nothing feels kludged and I haven't run into any bugs yet. I've been coding and gaming for over 30 years now, and I'm awestruck by both your design and implementation. You have earned my highest praise.

Wow! I just began playing this mod today and I'm already hooked! I'm a retired professor of ancient history and classical archaeology so I can appreciate the work and study that went into this mod. I've played others dealing with this area of history (obviously), but find PAE the most accurate and well-balanced of the lot (at least so far). I started a game as Carthage and have played 280 turns at noble level so far. Thx ever so much.

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