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These aren't just two more maps! CrippleCreek and RioBravo bring a large collection of brand new assets and fresh gameplay ideas.

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Hey, I'm really happy to show you these two new levels made by RedYager, a community member with some serious skills at level design. And I'll be honest, never imagined something as huge as these maps could happen at this point in the life of Fistful of Frags. Wanna take a look?

CrippleCreek is a world on its own. The playable area exceeds anything we have seen in FoF before, and despite the huge draw distances it's really well optimized. There's a player controlled mini train that is key for gameplay purposes. Features a new game mode called 'Gold Rush', this is an asymmetric mode where a team grabs loot sacks and tries to capture them at specific locations. In this case, a shack and later a moving train. The train tracks can be switched shooting at them (or using any other attack, as dynamite in video).

RioBravo is a symmetric map where both teams bring loot back to their bases. The game mode is more conventional but its layout is quite innovative. There are multiple layers, combat in z axis is key to win, and there's that little train dropping explosive barrels. As you can see in the video, enemies will kick your way out of the map and beware of silly missteps! Time will tell, I wasn't very convinced when I saw it at first, but I think this map will be among the favorite ones for lot of players.

And finally, there's a bunch of small and no so small changes to many of our previous maps. This is probably our largest map related update ever! Check this gallery and the changelog:

  • fof_snowy: higher cart speed, new buildings that add extra cover and higher tactical possibilites to both end areas
  • fof_revenge: turned to winter themed level. New custom mode available: Gold Rush
  • fof_desperados: some textures replaced. New custom mode available: Gold Rush. Removed old custom mode (survival).
  • fof_robertlee: performance optimizations, new custom mode available Gold Rush
  • fof_presidio: updated to support new survival mode
  • fof_forest: new sawmill building, more cover, new lighting, custom mode changed to The Good, The Bad and The Bot
  • fof_fistful: new lighting, custom mode changed to Gold Rush (random sacks, infinite respawns)
  • fof_elpaso: new The Good, The Bad and The Bot custom mode added, improved 3dskybox, some new props and ground textures
  • fof_abandoned: new lighting, sand storm effects and a tornado added. Additional geometry, extra cover. Added alternative Boss custom game mode
  • fof_tijuana: lighting changed to daylight, now all areas are accessible, new game mode is Gold Rush Double (both teams capture at town's center)
  • fof_monumentvalley: added a barricade to first stage (same objective as second stage), improved fog and 3dskybox, some texture changes and tweaks. A box of dynamite sticks has been added to both stages (controlling them is key to win)
violentdev - - 417 comments

Awesome work!

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WiFiDi - - 343 comments

awesome footaage and superb looking graphcis. can't wait for update.

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