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The planned/implemented features which will appear in the Mount & Blade : Warband mod "Seven Golden Cities"

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-Voice acted sequences/companions
-Custom shaders
-New music
-Usage of special items, like drugs, to enhance capabilities before a fight
-Black market to buy cheaper rare products, chance to get caught and lose huge amount of rep and fight off manhunters
-Play as an Olinka, Geroian or Wenkainese
-Unique new rideable creatures: Camels, Elephants, Yaks, Reindeer, Ostriches and Zebrae.

-Rich lore
-New cultures
-Rewritten, reappropriated or created lore for factions
-New game map of Olinka
-Several new kinds of bandit
-Four old factions coming back as colonies
-Six new factions: South Olinka, North Olinka, East Olinka, West Olinka, Geroian Empire and Wenkai Isles
-Hundreds of new items
-New ambient music

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