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A list of to-be-added, already added, or in-development features.

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Planned Features:

- 7 new, major factions to make peace & war with; more than 15 minor ones
- A large, custom-made new map to explore with points of interest and sailing
- Fully developed lore & history, available to be found in various parts of the world as well as books
- Redone troop trees as well as brand-new troops to hire or battle against
- Plethora of new companions who will either help or hinder your quest for world domination
- Lords and their families are no longer randomized, everyone has their own somebody to be every playthrough
- Several positions to start in, such as king, vassal, aristocrat or peasant
- Sailing, sea battles, sea sieges, and sea stuff
- Much more as we move on!

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