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This is a current but nowhere near complete list of features already in concept for RollerBall. - Special Player Pickups to enhance player abilities. (Speed boost, power boost, jump boost) - Special Item Pickups. (Freeze Shot, Bomb Shot) - Modified RollerMine that leaves a trail when not being carried.

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The specifics for RollerBall are still in development, but some of the things we have in sold stone are:

1.) One neutral rollermine, placed in a -home-point- on the map. Each team must race to the -home-point- and grab the ball, and attempt to score on the other team.

2.) Ball being unpossessed for more than 5 seconds causes it to reset at -home-point- (including going out of bounds, or being dropped by a player)

3.) Scoring results in a 10-sec countdown where the ball is reset at -home-point-

4.) Different arena types and themes (More than just fields, will also be themed maps like a warehouse, a factory setting, and a downtown setting)

5.) Powerups include:
Player powerups - Speed Boost, Jump Boost, Power Boost, plus more in the works
Ball powerups - Power Shot, Stun Shot, plus more in the works
Targetted Player powerups - Freeze shot, Oil blast, plus more in the works

6.) Capable of two teams, up to 8 people per team.

7.) Players playing as goalies (players who step into an unattended goalzone for more than 3 seconds), receive special abilities:
Further shooting capability
Higher jumping capability
Faster movement

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