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More Information about the mod and what it features.

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Mod Features and Additions in Victorian Legacy

  • Smaller Decisions

    • This is just to make it so you don't have to scroll endlessly through all the Province Selector and Generic Decisions and any other nation flavor that may be there.

  • Tariff Reforms

    • Since Victoria Universalis had a limit on tariffs rather than being 100% tariffs allowed which now allows for the need to micro your country's spending rather than setting them to the max and calling it a day. Instead of bringing back the 100% tariffs, I replaced a set of reforms to allow for a tariff reform in which you can increase the max possible tariff percent.

  • General Staff

    • General Staff is something that is more similar to Prussian General Staff but every nation receives this bonus as long as there civilized and fits the requirements of the decision.

  • Row Completion

    • Row completion is a bonus that you receive on completing each row of tech in each section as shown in the image below the only way you receive the bonus is when you complete the National Idea tech under commerce which is one research point and easy to acquire. Not every row completion has a bonus but all of the first few row completion does have a bonus.

  • Multiplayer Focused

    • The goal of this mod is to try and focus on the overall balance of the mod towards a healthy multiplayer experience though along the way my updates will seem quite unbalanced and yes indeed I will make a mistake or typo somewhere and a modifier might have a 10% Population buff.
  • Host Powers

    • The Host powers are what decide the settings of the game if you want the crisis to be turned on or a crossing in Italy to be disabled it's completely up to the host to decide.

  • HFM Additions and many other mod Additions

    • I do like working and adding my very own work to this mod but whenever ideas for this become very hard to come up with I tend to go and look and see what additions I could pull from other mods and obviously credit them to the creator of that addition.


This was a mod that I put together with a small discord community and we also play victoria 2 hosts improving the overall balance of the mod. If you want to join games I host with this mod or provide ideas and feedback join my discord.

Discord Link


I also have GitHub which you can have a look for yourself I may have missed a lot of features in my list above but if you want to explore what changes I've made here's a link.

Github Link

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