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We're nearing release date! Read this post for a quick summary of what we've been working on this past week.

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First, a quick update on the release date:
As some of you may have noticed, the game isn't released yet.

Why not?

Well, I've had a sudden increase in schoolwork, and so I was not able to meet the release date deadline. In fact, it doesn't seem like I'll meet the new release date (March 24th, 2013) either. Therefore, I've decided to cut out some features from 0.0.1, and instead release them in the 0.0.1.x releases. This will allow me to focus on testing certain components and will in the end give you, the players, a better gameplay experience.

This week, I've flushed out some of the gamemode features, as well as added some more audio. Free-for-all now displays all enemy players as blue team players. I've also cleaned up a lot of stuff and added some transitions. Watch the video for a live demo!

I've also started on the cross-platform ports to Mac OS X and Linux. More info about those later!

As for applications, we've finally finished reading all of them and will be sending out results soon.

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