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Hello, IndieDB! Since spring, we posted the development diaries of Fated Kingdom, and now our game is finally available for purchase!

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Hello, IndieDB! Since spring, we posted the development diaries of Fated Kingdom, and now our game is finally available for purchase!

First of all, here is a bit of the description from the Steam page:

Fated Kingdom is a digital board game for 4 people set in a dark fantasy that puts a player in the tabletop sandbox. To survive in a grim world and save the kingdom of Kinmarr, party members have to throw dices, draw cards from the decks and move the character tokens on the board.

Game Features:

  1. Classic tabletop experience in digital form;
  2. 4 player co-op;
  3. Sandbox with no forced rules;
  4. Realistic physics;
  5. Dark and cruel fantasy world.

Early Access Screenshot #1

The idea of ​​the game is to transfer all the coolest features of real tabletop games without total scripting of all objects and, more importantly, rules. The game does not control the execution of rules in any way, and moreover does not restrict players in manipulating objects. Of course, some moments of the game are still scripted. For example, the mixing of decks passes automatically.

Similarly, with the basic features like the choice of color at the start and the counter of victory points (sphere in the center). We also decided to take advantage of the "numbers" and made a random arrangement of the board squares and the "hand" in which the player keeps a card of abilities and defeated creatures.

Early Access Screenshot #2

For early access to Fated Kingdom, we chose a policy of small, but frequent updates. All of them are divided into two categories - small and large. The first go out every 2 weeks and include 2 new cards, the necessary balance adjustments and bug fixes. Thus, for the year that we plan to stay in Early Access, almost 100 new cards will appear in the game.

How to "finish off" the rest? The big updates! Each one complements the game world and tells a small story. For example, one of the first updates, called All the King's Men, is dedicated to the return of the royal army to Kinmarr. Of course, in the form of a horde of dead, because the last war was lost.

Early Access Screenshot #3

History is given through an flavor text on cards, of which there will be 10 pieces for each big update. All of them are not only similar in spirit, but also in game mechanics. Each major update should make the gameplay more diverse by adding new elements to the basic rules system. The second task of such patches - the introduction of new features.

It can be a gallery where you can quickly find any card and read explanations on its work, and a glossary of game terms, and improvement of the graphic part - new models, textures and effects. There are many ideas, but it is necessary to implement them consistently. Especially while in the team only 2 people, and each has also the main job.

Early Access Screenshot #4

We are sure that hard work and careful attention to feedback will help us make a worthy game. For us, this is also important because we ourselves want to play it, see it as positive changes, and also be part of a friendly community.

We will be happy to receive feedback of any kind - suggestions, criticism, advice and just feedback.

Early Access Screenshot #5

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