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We are happy to inform you, that Fart Simulator 2018 is officially registered to Steam!

Besides, we are ready to show you the final trailer and announce the release date!

It’s an important event for us!

The Fart Simulator 2018 - a satirical action, without elements of RPGs.

In this game you will fart a lot!

Fart funny fat people who decide to walk around a shop early in the morning, fart young pretty ladies who can’t imagine that you'll fart in a such rude way in a supermarket in the middle of a day!

You even have to run away from the police using your fart!

In the real world it is unlikely to work. Believe me, I tried!

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Besides our game you will enjoy:

1. Flying on fart!

Without doubt you have always dreamed to visit the moon, but you don’t have either time or money to take part in a space program. With Fart Simulator 2018 your dreams will come true!

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2. Fighting with evil zombies!

Evil zombies are very original, believe me! It is still unknown where they came from, there are so many unanswered questions! Go through and solve the mystery of mysterious corpses.


3. A small quest for real detectives!

Only a really smart person can get out of this strange room. Puzzles, hammers and sacrifices are waiting for you!

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4. Parody stealth action in every best traditions of the genre!

Respect geniuses? Even if not, you’ll like this mini game. Secret weapons, government conspiracy, large elevators and long stairs! Is there anything better?

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5. And the main minigame, which already became the classic - fart in the supermarket!

We’ve written about it above, but we want to add that this is my father's favorite game.

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Fart Simulator 2018 will be available on Steam in the end of November 2018!

The game is translated into English and Russian!

Fart Simulator 2018 Steam page:

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