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Customization, adorable baby things and more are waiting for you in our newest dev log!

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to another devlog for Farmwand. This time we want to start with something we are really excited about : the character customization!

đź‘“ Character customization đź’‡

Recently, we've started working on the character customization prototype for Farmwand, where you can decide not only how you look in the game but also how the vibes of the game are gonna be. Here are the first mock-ups of our UI.

Customization Mockup 00

Customization Mockup 01

Eyebrows can really add a lot of personality to your characters...

Customization Mockup 02

Customization Mockup 03

Since we want to offer many different customization options we are holding a poll every week in our community (Discord, Twitter & Reddit) to know and prioritize the ones that are most important to you.

So far, the customizable body shapes, hair styles, glasses & accessories are some of the most popular options. If you want to join the ongoing and future votes or to suggest any specific feature, just give a shout in our community. Even elf ears are possible!

customization1 ay53ersd

👶For the little ones🧸

At some point in your Farmwand adventure you may want to settle down and start a family. So we prepared some very cute and comfy cradles for your little ones to rest.

Crib01 00

Crib01 01

We really want to make the babies and kids in Farmwand a lot more active and fun to interact with so we are also making some pretty and fun toys for them to play with as they grow up a little.


Our lovely rocking swan is quickly becoming a favorite from the game now, so raise your hand if you would love a real one at home! (🙋I do!)

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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