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HannibalAI discontinued to bundle resources of the two ships for the new engine, HybridAI.

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Once upon a time there were promising talks with Agentx about developing the AI he put a lot of effort in jointly in a fork that provides the API he required.

Honestly there was no more answer by him when ciryat proposed to let his AI sail jointly under the unicorn flag. We immediately tried to correct this proposal by stating that it's not important to us and that it can still be separate, i.e. that a merge of our efforts is not required, to no avail.

From then on we fixed only minor issues. Not last due to the HybridAI which uses an entirely different design highly integrated into the engine as proposed to Agentx early on due to logic duplication of the AI, engine code which is hard to maintain (especially with API changes in SpiderMonkey).

Interest re erupted due to Hyrule Conquest because it is a creative effort with lots of detail and fun.

Turns out the maintenance effort is too big for the small team especially as HybridAI does the same and soon can be tested ingame once the capability system is fully tested.

Note that HannibalAI is the last code for 0AD maintained by ciryat. We slowly start to say goodbye to 0AD, but will track this great project that has inspired us so much for some years.

We have high hopes to sail towards a new era in creative freedom regarding enjoying all strategic, fun, exciting moments of the rise and fall of civilizations, philosophy, hope and ideas.

Let's hope the new WIP RPG,RTS hybrid engine finally has all that is needed for a real virtual time machine feeling trying to do the impossible: deter incursions of overpowers by smart, exotic, creativity so let's shift effort away from a dead AI of a pure warfare game to enjoying travelling through the evolution of nature and its biodiversity. :-)

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HannibalAI can still be rescued via the compatibility layer now that the project has been split ;-)

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