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Farendys Majora is unveiled in it's early Alpha stage at De Montfort University. Presented by our 3D Artist Domenico Tozzi, it seems to be a hit with most of the crowd!

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Between the days of Friday 12 June - Thursday 18 June on 2015, people got their first brief glimpse at DreamWalker's tightly wrapped project, Farendys Majora.

Domenico Tozzi of DreamWalker Games was presenting during the De Montfort University Art Degree Show at a booth and there were many people in attendance. Among these folks were a few notables from Ubisoft as well!

During the presentation people were presented with various locations from the first area of the game. Locations such as:

  • Vermont Manor (Exterior and Interior)
  • The Serene Forest
  • The Twisted Forest
  • Inara's Cave

All these locations are contained within the first continent you will set foot on in the world of Cerulea, which is a little island called Koduku.

We are very sorry that Domenico couldn't answer all of your questions, however we want this game to be the best experience it can be for our fans so we don't want to give away too much too soon!

DreamWalker Games would like to extend their personal thanks to all those people who attended the DMU Degree Show and we sincerely hoped that you all enjoyed what little you saw and believe us when we say there is -much- more to come!

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