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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What to do with bad saves?

Answer: Bad saves means that the game will jump out in the current round. Most of the reasons are due to ghost generals. Ghost generals: When the army together with the general is pulled out of the city, the general who has been pulled out is still the governor in the city. At this time, the general must be put back into the city and then pulled out individually.

2. Can diplomats and merchants be recruited?

Answer: In order to speed up a round, some things have been optimized. The number of diplomats have been limited to avoid being constantly harassed by the AI. You can recruit 1 for every huge city you own.

3. The solution to the general appearing invisible: When the triggered battle requires the specified general to meet the conditions in the wild, but the player puts him in the city, this may happen. Select the faction resource to find the general, and then pull him into the nearby army outside the city to return to normal.

4. Some generals have wrong models on the strategic map.

Answer: This is not a bug. The addition of generals from non-original forces in this version will inevitably lead to changes in their strategic models. For example, the code of the Ma Chao model of the imperial court is duplicated with that of Zhang Liao. You can only choose one of the two, so a compromise has to be made.

5. Why are there so many AI stacks in the later stage?

Answer: This version has completely removed the station. Big factions will recruit many soldiers in the early rounds, and then rely on their economic strength to build stacks later. As the player, cheating too much or using program loopholes to steal huge cities will invoke a cheating penalty in the script and result in more AI stacks.

6. How can the coalition (crusuade) against Dong Zhuo be won?

Answer: In the 4th round, there is an option "whether to enable the challenge mode" If you choose to enable it, it will be very difficult to win. So it is not recommended to enable it. The difficulty of normal mode is very low, and it is generally impossible to lose. (There is no cheating penalty when using cheats to win in normal mode)

7. Why does the crusade against Dong Zhuo keep crashing?

Answer: The crusuade is a campaign involving tens of thousands of troops, and the requirements for the machine are slightly higher. It is best to apply a 4GB patch to increase the memory support of the game to 4GB.
(If you still jump out, you can only reduce the army size and picture quality. If it is not possible, then refuse to participate in the crusade against Dong Zhuo)

8. Why don't some generals shoot?

Answer: Since many general guards are special units, their shooting trajectory is different from that of ordinary bows and arrows. After you first understand his shooting trajectory, you will understand when not to shoot. This is a matter of principle of "avoiding accidental injury to friendly troops". This is also the difference between a crossbow and a bow.

9. What happens when you crash during a city battle against an enemy faction leader?

Answer: This problem has always existed in this mod. When the faction has no heir or the heir is ambiguous, the city battle will crash. There are several solutions: A: waits for the faction leader to leave the city to come out to attack; B: besieges the city until the enemy takes the initiative to attack; C: wait until the faction has one remaining city left and then attack this city. Version 1.06 fixes the ghost general bug, which greatly reduces the occurrence of such crashes.

10. Is the General's Bodyguard too overpowered?

Answer: The general's bodyguard is equivalent to the strength of 1.5 elites. It is naturally overpowered to fight low-level units in the early stage. Military advisor bodyguard's however only look powerful on paper and are misleading. Only judge whether they are overpowered by the number of kills at the end of each battle.

11. Why can’t the elites recruited by generals be retrained?

Answer: After upgrading the barracks to the corresponding level, they can be retrained; the elites of other forces cannot be retrained, and they are only for you to use temporarily. Otherwise, there will be too many types of elites of this force and they will be too powerful. Mercenaries need to be retrained in the area they are recruited.

12. Why do AI factions spam units?

Answer: The initial value of each faction is set for the player. If the computer maintains that initial value, it will be too weak and will not form the Three Kingdoms. It can be said that the early AI faction units spam for the three major factions are to direct the formation of the Three Kingdoms. Factions surrounding the player in the early stage will also have appropriate unit spam. For example, Dong Zhuo will have unit spam in the early stage when choosing to play as the Han imperial court. This is also according to historical facts, where it was extremely difficult for the Han imperial court to destroy Dong Zhuo.
AI factions units spam is only based on the vision of allowing the faction keep up with the pace of history to grow, and to make up for the deficiencies of the AI.

13. Why do I feel that the AI is stronger than me?

Answer: The number of general bodyguards of the AI forces will increase according to the difficulty of the selection.

14. What should I do if the round is too slow?

Answer: The round transition speed is determined by the CPU performance, and your setup will also have a great impact. It is recommended to use Windows 10 to greatly improve the transition speed and stability. At the beginning of the game, there are more AI forces, and a normal round transition will be within 30 seconds, 10 seconds after 50 rounds, and 5 seconds after 100 rounds.

15. What is the difference between the cheating restrictions in this version:

Answer: cheating according to the online Baidu tutorial will cause plot confusion, and those are not applicable to this mod.

16. Is the comparison between Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi too weak?

Answer: Not necessarily, Zhuge Liang's design was for positional warfare. Zhuge Liang acting alone will appear weak, but the combination of crossbowmen can make the enemy suffer heavy losses without approaching, and cavalry can only exert its true power when attacking (cavalry will not be knocked into the air, and Zhuge Liang's damage is low, so no worries about friendly fire). Zhuge Liang belongs to the arms that have a good grasp of the overall situation. The design of the military division guard is a bit super-technical,
The main purpose is to reflect the role of these characters, if they are only ordinary cavalry archers, it is not in line with their historical role.

17. The inexplicable white flag, what is the reason for the poisoning?

Answer: Modifications or cheats may cause data confusion, leading to a series of weird problems. The morale of the player is more likely to collapse when the super difficulty and the modes of using soldiers like gods are turned on.


Common bug crash & solutions:

1. Question: When fighting certain city battle, there is a crash.
Answer: When there is a faction leader in the city, there may be such a situation. Kill all the family members of the faction in the wild first, or fight again after 10 rounds. In rare cases, AI fighting the same battle involving an AI faction leader in the city will result in a crash.

2. Question: It crashes when a certain faction is taking their turn in a certain round.
Answer: If this happens, please pay attention to the city that is besieged. If the city has no flag, it means this is the problem. This situation can be solved by using the diplomatic trading city or the cheat to move the army. (Please also look out for the problem highlighted in 1.)

3. Question: It crashes when fighting on a custom battle map.

Answer: This is probably caused by a bug in the battle map. You can change the location to fight.



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