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Friendly Asked Questions and my plans for future of this project.

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Hello everyone. This is first article for Isolation : Zero. Here i will ask for question what can be in the future.


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  • What is Isolation : Zero?

Isolation : Zero is modification for Entropy : Zero. Here you playing as metrocop in City 17 during events of Episode One. Main task is escape from city.

  • What will in this mod in future?

This mod will contain custom content like music, materials, models and improvements for gameplay and visuals. In near future, when i will make chapter 1 (canals, streetwars) i will make a demo.

  • How long you developing this?

My first attempt was in 2021. I was really motivated by Entropy: Zero Uprising. I really didn't know about what will my mod. My first idea was wastelands and main hero was tried go back to City 17, but i saw this boring and bad. My second idea was sweeping of very dangerous streets of City 17. This streets was cutted off from main City 17. This concept can be good, but after when i played Half-Life 2: Episode One i was understand what metrocop adventures in half dead city when Citadel can blow up in every second is awesome idea i was started to developing this. In this times i had very bad times. I was depressed, unmotivated and i didnt have any experience, and i decided to freeze development. I was returned to this mod maybe two months ago, in this time development will finished.

  • Do you need help?

Im developing this mod alone and i need some help. I need programmers to help me with code (im stupid) and viewmodel animator with model guy to improve default HL2 viewmodels. If you interested to give this mod your skills, DM me in discord (suxar1x#8244).

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