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Check out the new and improved GUIs in this devlog video!

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So I'm slightly behind on posting news on here, but a few weeks ago I started improving the look of the GUIs in the game, in the hope of getting them to look a bit more stylish before the upcoming Kickstarter!

Thanks to a lot of feedback that I got previously I have now made the large health bar at the bottom of the screen now only appear when combat is initialized, and it then slides back off the screen shortly after coming out of combat.

I also improved the look of the main options panel on the right of the screen, by having the buttons now only appear when necessary, sliding gracefully onto the screen with a nice animation!

As well as the GUI improvements I also added the ability for mobs to carry out damage animations when they get damaged, and I added a very nice new model into the town.

You can see all of these updates in action in the devlog video below. As always, enjoy the video and let me know what you think! Thanks for reading :)

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