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Steam user GERSillySausage has been positively churning out some really nice fan art. Here are some of my favourites.

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Steam user GERSillySausage has been positively churning out some really nice fan art for Airships: Conquer the Skies. Here are some of my favourites, displayed with his permission.

Some good detail on what air-sailor uniforms might look like. Concept Art illustrating the basic equipment an Airsailor might carry on a fictional vessel.

This one resulted from a slight miscommunication - I mentioned Suspendium wasps, and actually meant a kind of living creature. But this robotic interpretation with the old-style camera for a head is frankly amazing. So, Zarkonnen told me the other day that he wanted somebody to draw Suspendium Wasps, and after sobering up I decided to draw a seasoned Air Marine stabbing one of the dastardly things. I don’t know what dimensions he had in mind, but this is my rendition for now.

Continuing on the topic of cool/creepy, here’s an air marine serving a, er, post-mortal tour of duty. Just a well-done, if slightly unsettling portrait of an Air Marine... well... how do I put this... let’s just say she’s past her prime. Although already malformed by decay and the harsh life aboard a high-altitude dreadnought, an intricate machinery keeps her working and ready for serious action. And yes, she is a Woman. Don’t ever adress her as “he” or you’ll find a rusty cutlass burrowed in your chest.

Finally, I really like this detailed rendering of a gatling gun. An advice and explanation form taking a closer look at one of the games not entirely fictional ship weapons: the Gatling Gun.

There’s a lot more, so if you like what you see, check out the game’s Steam art page and leave some comments.

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This is amazing! You should do stuff like this more often XD

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