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This is the list of the most famous and powerful alien races of my world. Read it if you have time.

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Part 2


Monkey-like race is from the planet Banaan. They built strongest realm in their world, and also they started to make colonies in other worlds. They are friends of Pirates and all Universe Criminals. Lapi`Nar race have strong system of government. Their main leader ("Souveregnzis") have also good help of advisors and councilars, but they are all must be kings relatives. Lapi`Nar are very dissolute race. They likes to have harems, they are investors of all souteneur corporations and also they even prefer to don`t use professional army. They are very rich and can buy many mercenaries forces, which can protect them from all threats. Lapi`Nar haven`t own technologies, they use only work of other races. Many civilizations hates Lapi`Nar. They also haven`t got magic power. Money and gold - is their main god and their popular religion.


Zenovians are insect-like race, who have big technology level in their civilization. They have colonies in other worlds and they are friends of many universe races. Zenovians have republic system of government. Their main leader - is president and he rules very wisely with the help of Light Senate. Their corporations are very rich and they are also masters in the extraction of minerals on asteroids. Zenovians have very good army and space fleet. Unfortunately, their race also haven`t got abilities to magic and sorcery, but they are anyway strong because of their technological power. Hekatonheir cartels have big rivalry in robots production with Zenovian corporations. Zenovians can`t call themselves as race, who likes wars. They don`t like wars with other races, but they are main haters of corruption, bandits and pirates. All criminal lords afraid of zenovians agency and they are don`t trying to make business in Zenovian territories.


This race is the race of giant reptiloid creatures, who have strong power and big territories. They don`t like to use technologies, because their power is Fire Magic. They don`t need in space fleet, robots or even industrial power, because they always use magic. Dragons empire is the strong realm with the autocratic monarchy. Their main capital Tullas is the city, which was built from absolute energy. They haven`t got merchants, they haven`t got corporations and difficult economics systems. They are Magic creatures and they are proud of it. Also they created "minion races" like Crocos and Zavrara. Many of them are servants of Dragons and can die with the name of High Dragon. But some of them started to create own empires (like Croco race) and they are now enemies of their creators. Dragons are friends of many races, but to say fair, many universe races still don`t believe them. Also some nations are even afraid of Dragons power.


This race of aggressive insects, who don`t like other races and hates humans. Humans had too much wars with them in the past. Ara`Hnii also hates their distant relatives - Zenovians and thinks about them very bad. Zenovians haven`t got abilities of magic, but Arah`Nii have it and they are really strong in all sorcery. Ara`Hnii have strong Matriarchy government system. Their Queens are the strongest of them, who have too much magic power, and even can destroy giant space fleets by the psychic storms. Queens also have Buttefly Council, who are advisors, messengers, generals and protectors of their mistress. Ara`Hnii have own space fleets, big armies and good number of sorcerers with big psychic potentials. Ara`Hnii even can capture minds of their victims from other races, when they wants to speak or send messages. Also Ara`Hnii are masters of bionical technologies. But to be honest, this race is now almost defeated, because humans found the way to destroy Ara`Hnii Queen and some Butterfly Councilars.


To be continued.....


I hope the Ara┬┤Hnii may play a bigger role later on as well!
Maybe they find a new queen ? Maybe they could that surprise enemy where no one expects them and then they just reappear as a big force :)

Can the Dragon race fly in space ? Because without tech it could be a little hard for them to colonize other planets.

Is the magic some sort of a gift or can one learn it even if the rest of the species cannot ?
I defenetly like where this is going! Allready feel the great Conflicts between some of the races :D
Keep it up !

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BagaturKhan Author

Thanks for reply.

About Ara'Hnii - yeah, they can find new Queen, but they now dont need it because they started to be part of Yotuns army (about Yotuns, see other club articles)

About Dragons - of course they can fly in the space and they even have some asteroid citadels, which can protect their homeworld - Tulle.

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I LIKE THE Lapi`Nar AND THE DRAGONS,they are cool!

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They would be cool for a strategy game , something like Warcraft

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they're all good, I especially like the dragons.

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Little late was so busy... This is very good i like these races!

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