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Welcome to the Fallout Who MOD DB page where this page will have up to date information about all mods under Fallout Who. Okay..Now that's out the way.

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Quest: The Last Child of Gallifrey

In the quest you have to rebuild and repair the TARDIS to its former glory. Which when completed will allow it to be Configurable. Upgrade, maintain and fly the TARDIS across the Washington DC Wasteland and through the Space-Time Vortex to unlock secret items and bonuses to the last ship of her kind one of these is the awesome Sonic Screwdriver which you can lock and unlock doors and containers, bypass Terminals and take out robots from afar with this trusty piece of Gallifreyan Sonic Technology.

After repairing the TARDIS you can pilot the Ship to many strange and wonderful places. Fly the TARDIS into the Heart of Time and Space, levelling up a unique Piloting Skill as you go for an extra special reward at level 10!

Included in the mod is a New and Unique Wasteland Location which you can explore the mysterious UNIT Osterhagen Facility to uncover deadly alien weaponary and top secret experimental.

Download from the downloads section.

For all of you who want more view the offical trailer here -------->

Quest: Ghosts in the Machine

The TARDIS has suffered massive internal damage. The external reality is leaking into the ship, filling it with all kinds of nasty creatures and instabilities. You must work your way through to its heart, sealing three unstable ruptures along the way. Features:

  • The Gardens - with Pollination Unit and deadly Vampire Ivy.
  • The Music Room - with a handy Audio system for the ships interior and new collectable Records to find.
  • The Gallery - with vaults of treasure to loot and 8 mysterious podiums to show off your treasures from the Fallout Who Universe.
  • Regeneration! Imbue your Wastelanders biology with Time Lord DNA and defy death in most situations with the ability to come back (Warning; Regeneration can lead to altered vital stats and skills)

Did I mention you only have 22 minuites to save the universe?

Download from the downloads section.

Trailer here ---->

For all latest info visit --->

Chr1s_UK - - 49 comments

This sounds awesome, will have to try it out, need to reinstall the game first though.

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