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Im about to start a new mod and i need all the help i can get. You can edit the plot send it back and give me feedback

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The evolved steel expansion pack will be about you discovering a new land in which a new race has inhabited. You discover this town by talking to a local at Megaton in which he tells you that he has seen them. He then explains what they are, and he tells you "twenty years ago right after the bombs have gone off a band of brother hood of steel members or more known as the alpha pack, went down into a mining facility to eradicate a new species. When they got there they lost all communications and radio signals. Frightened and curious they ventured onwards down the facility when they were attacked by this species. The brotherhood of steel then transmute into the evolved steel, they are mutated but are still agreeable with. They are very intelligent and strong. New area, Weapons and quests.

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