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Mod is available for download! The result of 5 months of hard work...spread over 7 years. More information in the PDF readme file inside the mod folder.

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Remake of my Half-life 2 map from 2006, this time in mod format for Half-life 2 Episode 2 and with custom props.
Non-combat mod. Exploration only (but worth it :) )

Compiled with HDR lighting. Even though the LDR version works, I did most of the lighting adjustments and prop modifications to fit the HDR version.

You can replace the music tracks in the sound folder for other music of your choice and they will work as long as the files are still called track1 and track2 and have the proper bit rate for HL2 mp3 files.

If you find the Ep2 gnome and take a good screenshot of the map with the gnome visible in it, I'll add it to the Images section.

Enjoy the map and don't forget the concept for this amazing building dates back to the late 1930s!

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