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Rebel city from demo. New Armor System! Lots Of Bug Fixes!

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New Armor System!

Now player can found armor arround level. Or you can directly buy from a local market.Also NPCs could give you an armor.Armor system is like health system.When you got hit by something , your armor decreases instead of health. You can wear maximum 100 points of armor. Its very useful on fightning.


  • You can collect gold from your surroundings. Sometimes you can find single gold coin.Sometimes you can find a gold pile
  • Now you can open some chests. It could full with anything! But opening someone else's chest may be grant some problems
  • Civilians now more aware with world! When an enemy finds you , civilians starting to run to nearest safe location!
  • Now upgraded enemyies (When you died , your killer is upgrading) has a particle effect
  • When you collecting gold from somewhere, an panel shows up and telling you to how much gold did you collected
  • Now in dialog you can see who is talking with
  • Now an eye shows your bounty
  • Mission pointer changed. Now pointer only shows while pressing M

Bug Fixes!

  • Hurt effect bug fixed!
  • Mission pointer bug fixed!
  • Archer attacking bug fixed! Now it can attack from roofs!

Video Explanation!

Sorry for delay ! I have a school and i'm designing level and dialogs of demo. Anyway thanks for reading :)

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