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So, have you ever wanted to know something about factions? I guess not. But if you are interested now - this article is for you !

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New Democratic Union

International group of Wastelanders with clean target - Restore system of government with leader in as biggest part of world as possible.

It was formed around year 2200 in Canada, in ruins of Toronto, which was almost undamaged after great nuclear war, so Canada was almost functional country for few weeks.

NDU began to form little city states such as New Ontario, Liberty or Fort Man in Ontario and Quebec. Later, with use of equipment from few undamaged military bases near Montreal, they managed to take control of whole East coast, which led to creation of New Democratic Republic that immediately became strongest union in North America. Huge cities such as New York, New Jersey or Washington DC were only huge radioactive ruins, full of craters and relics of 21st century civilization, so NDU immediatly started bulding new bastions of Power. Huge, fortified cities with thousands of inhabitants were builded in few years and they became centres of humanity. NDR armies had really easy advance trough East coast, killing undangerous mutants and collecting allies among wasteland survivors.... or destroying those who tried to resist.

But after few months of advancing on West, NDU encountered new enemy. Coalition of Wasteland Survivors -bunch of bandits, raiders, murderers and worst human creatures - that controlled West coast, Central America and few teritories in Southwest Canada.

NDR armies, untrained and without skills that they simply couldnt aquire from fighting with weakest mutants, were suprised when they first get into fight with CWS. CWS armies already had experience from destroying individual resistance and little City states on West Coast and central America.

After loose of Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas, NDR Armies started to show some resistance and stopped CWS advance at Mississippi in huge battle, where both armies encoutered each other with its full power. Rusty tanks, APC´s, artillery and even few ( probably last functional ones in North America ) airplanes or helicopters.

Military Specs

Armies are usiing ex-United States equipment such as M1 Abrahams tanks, M4 and M16 Rifles. Off course, in really terrible condition. NDU has acces to most of ex-US undestroyed or undamaged military bases, so they are able to repair most of their weapons. They also respect military doctrine. Functional chain of command, batallions, divisions, military service obligation and basic training for every soldier ( approved after first looses in NDU-CWS war, with skills from researching ex-US military bases ) makes NDR Army most expert in whole Post-Apocalyptic destroyed world.



Coalition of Wasteland Survivors

With origins in Mexico, CWS is party of bandits that exploit anarchy of Wastelands to kill, steal and capture territories. Their target is to take control over whole South and North America with most brutal and aggresive means.

Starting to form in first decades after Nuclear War in 2026 all around world, bandits were strongest force in wastelands. But they werent united, until 2180, when few of Bandit clans formed Coalition of Wasteland Survivors in Mexico and Mexican-American border and began to spread all across South ex-United States and West coast.

After easily taking control of Mexico and tiny part of West Coast, CWS encoutered resistance of other survivor states and unions such as biggest one - New United States Commonwealth. Thanks to cheap war experience of primitive farmers on West Coast ( that have been hit by both nuclear missiles and earthquakes caused by massive compression waves ), CWS bandits and raiders totally anihilated any resistance just in few years - and get military experience.

After taking control over West Coast, CWS focused on moving into central ex-US and than East Coast. But they were slowed in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico, thanks to amount of Radiation caught in forests and huge deserts that became from ex-US countryside. After few years efforts to get trough deserts and radioactivity, CWS encoutered NDU, finally got trough huge fields of desert and started to continue with advance on East coast.

Battle-hardened CWS killers easily sliced trough enclaves of NDU and captured few huge ex-NDR territories. But CWS front soldiers, due to being incredibly far from main supplies on West Coast, began to run out of resources. CWS armies mobilised and tried to do last huge offensive over Missipi river, but failed in biggest battle of Post-Apoc world.

Since than, CWS advance totally stopped and bandits had to use yet unknown style of fighting - Defending positions.

Military Specs
CWS use old firearms of ex-Russian/Soviet origin that was found in Mexican army warehouses, only tiny number of American made guns was found, because those warehouses that werent destroyed by nuclear rain, were destroyed by nature disasters. Most of those guns are in terrible condition, because CWS almost doesnt have any tools or knowledge to keep their guns in good condition. Armor and vehicles also came from Mexico ( and again only few numbers from US warehouses ). Their fighting style is agressive and totally doesnt respect any doctrine or strategy. Whole army is seperatated into hundreds of differently sized groups, each under command of oldest man in group.

Current stance of CWS - NDU war freezed on "Trench war" in central ex-USA, where both unions are trying to advance into territory of the second one as deep as possible. They both running out of resources and soldiers - conflict concists of little firefights in cities, deserts or forests.

Coming next:

Concept Art ( Tomorrow )

Backstory, nuclear war, world map. ( Soon :P )

Tempest_Wales - - 110 comments

"Fractions !"

lol, I though you meant Factions,

But it does look like you have CWS over (T's) and NDS over (CT's) because of the underlines on NDS and CWS.

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Lacedaemonius - - 510 comments

This is an interesting idea, but there are some terrible plot holes.
The worst is perhaps the cliche good vs. evil battles going on. Almost issue is as simple as the "us vs. them" wars of good and evil. Is there no middle-ground? No gray area? Consider the vilification of Axis forces in WWI & WWII. Compare that to a novel like "All Quiet on the Western Front"
2nd of all. Why would a coalition of anarchists and raiders have any sort of central organization? At most they'd be a local milita of 100 or so members. And what would they do when they took over areas? Set up a new utopian society of peace and love? Anarchists thrive on destruction: when there's nothing else to destroy and pillage they need to move on or face death from their inability to adapt.
Still really looking forward to first release.

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