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Earth: Earth is divided in to 3 individual factions USDF RFSE ETF Alien: The Galactic community is vast but only the Arkelions will feature in the game.

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Even in the far future humanity is yet to set aside it's difference's, this resulted in the 3 major powers of the world all setting out to explore the galaxy on their own, the only thing that keeps peace amongst the 3 factions is the African Treaty. The treaty was Signed after the 3rd Gulf War when the USA attacked Iraq with Nuclear Weapons, the treaty keeps the peace between the only Nations still with nuclear capabilities.

United States Defence Force:
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The USDF is the USA's space exploration force. It was formed at the dawn of the Exploration Era from the remnants of NASA and USAF.
The ships used by the USDF have light weaponry and superior armour but lack the monumentality of the the European and Russian Forces. Like all human craft they lack the shielding of the Arkelion Vessels.

Russian Federation Space Exploitation:
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The RFSE was formed after the Americans took the first step and succeeded with test FTL drive. The Russians saw the profit opportunity and made to exploit every resource they could out of all of the planets in the Sol system.
The ships used by the RFSE have superior weaponry but lack the armour of the Americans or Europeans. Like all human craft they lack the shielding of the Arkelion Vessels.

European Task Force:
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The ETF was set up by the European Union in light of the other two powers jumping to the stars. The job of the task force is to police the space around Earth and respond to conflicts between the RFSE and USDF, though both the USDF and RFSE feel the the ETF has it's own hidden agenda.
The ETF deploy swift cruisers and are well balanced for armour and weaponry.Like all human craft they lack the shielding of the Arkelion Vessels.


The Arkelion's are the defence force of the Galactic Community. They are charged with the job of protecting the other species in the community along with all First Contact missions. The Arkelion's themselves have two factions within their ranks.


The main military might of the Arkelion usually consisting of heavily armed and heavily shielded Battle-groups that are more than enough to deal with most threats the the Galactic Community.


The scout, exploration and diplomatic force of the Arkelion's. At a size of about 25% of the Tak'ka the ships flown by the Ma'c are heavily shielded but only lightly armed. these vessels are used for first contact missions in order to limit a hostile first contact.

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