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A list of Factions and some descriptions to every Team of the Fractions!

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Well every Faction have its own abilities and special weapons next to the basic weapons, here are some descriptions to the Teams and their futuristic story/history. Some historical events passed since 2010.After long years of hate some Asian countries like China and Japan made economic progress and their relationship to each other got better. Finally North Korea, China and Japan founded the United Asian Members. But the NATO criticized the UAM for inhuman events which could never be proved.
There was a hotzone in 2043 between the UAM (United Asian Members) and the NATO.

Now in 2044 they declared war on each other and huge battles started.
(More members will (maybe) follow once the main members are done)

The NATO members are:

In 2044 France is a country with a huge army and neat technology they use nice tanks and very mobile and fast strike units. Advanced vehicles have high costs but will do their job. Infantery is well trained and good equipped with normal firepower. Average Airforce but very advanced water units.

2044, as expected they have average ground units for low cost and quantity as main feature. They have a very powerfull airforce but weak seaforces. Infantery is over average trained. Fast but bad armed units with average armour. The US have higly advanced air units and good pilots.

After long years of spending the money in stupid things Germany finally made it to a better armed country. The country did alot more researching. German ground units are very good trained and better equipped then other countrys but have high costs and a average airforce. Very experienced pilots but they don't match any other much bigger airforces in size. However the sea units are average well armoured with over average firepower but bad ammo capacity and lacking speed.

The UAM members are:

China have a very great Airforce but average ground units. The major factor of China is low cost for a high quantity of ground, airforce and sea units. Sea units are weak but still average like infantery. Well experienced Pilots with great firepower.

In 2044 Japan grew to one of the biggest sea powers they have very great sea units. The Airforce is the weak point of Japan not a big amount of available units but over average trained. Ground units do match the average character but are weaker then infantery or armoured units of other countries

North Korea
North Korea is on its way to unite with South Korea but until now the country is alone. It have very well armed and fast ground units infantery is very well trained. Airforce have average pilots but the sea units are over average not better then other big seapowers like Japan or USA. Good armour and fast units with bad weapons but good abilities on every terrain.

All countries do have their own abilities which might get overworked while the mod is in development for balancing ect.

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