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A look at the different factions of the Simularia world.

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-Human colonist who fled Earth before the Xilath's invasion.
-Cover about one third of the galaxy.
-No specific politic affiliation.

New Republic
-A new group trying to unify the major colonies in a new functional republic.

Earth Loyalist
-Remnant of the Earth and Mars military hierarchy who have fled Earth during the invasion.
-Trying to apply their dominance over the new republic

Local nationalist
-Local colonist group opposed to both Republic and the loyalist causes.

Miners Guild
-Neutral guild for mining enterprise and private parties.

-Seclusive group who live amongst the wisp (Nebula inhabiting life form made out of energy) claiming to be able to see through their aura.

-Generic pirates groups.

-The Junkas another race whose home world was destroyed by the Xilath, their fleet of merchants now roam the galaxy, most of them having also taken human onboard, moving from world to world as nomads.

Neutral aliens
-A group for other neutral aliens entity.

The Swarm
-Sentient bug like species with hive mind and strict hierarchy reminiscent of the ants and bees.

-Destroyer of world without a clear purpose the Xilath are a threat to all sentient being in the galaxy.

-The robots and ships under the control of Deeptought.

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