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The planned factions for Darkstar, what they are about and if they are going to be playable.

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The Terran Empire:

One of the biggest powers in the known galaxy, the Terran Empire originated from the planet Terra (Earth) and has spread across the galaxy for hundreds of years. The Empire is a monarchy with the Emperor’s heir taking their place when they are no longer fit to rule.

The Tria Hegemony:

The Hegemony is arguably the faction that is most diverse in species, they are masters of trade and their culture is a gigantic mix of multiple sub-cultures from all over the galaxy. The Hegemony is an Oligarchy, with three leaders each controlling their own capital.

The Darkstar Order:

Religious order commanded by the vicious Warlord Ekrresh, they have started to expand a lot more in recent times and believe that the galaxy is rightfully theirs and have no qualms with purging and enslaving less advanced civilizations. The Order is a dictatorship lead by the undying Warlord.



Pirates: The scum and villainy of the galaxy, pirates are found scattered in many corners of the galaxy, each pirate group resenting each other as much as they hate the bigger empires.

Independent People: Citizens who are not allied or in an empire, but aren't pirates either. They keep out of conflict but many will retaliate if their world is attacked.

(*may be subject to change, not final)

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