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The second of our big faction previews is out - this time for the creepy, cheese (or Warpstone) nibbling rodents of doom known of course as the Skaven! Again, the guide will take you through them both in battles and campaigns, explaining the intricacies of the clan system and showing you the full new unit roster!

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In this second faction preview, we're covering the Skaven, one of the most cunning and ruthless forces in the Warhammer World. And when we say in the Warhammer World, we mean their starting position has bases on multiple continents. This can be tough, particularly at the start, but also means you get to fight battles against Undead, Brettonians, the Empire, Lizardmen, Dwarfs, and more giving you an exciting range of challenges. The rodents are one of the best horde infantry factions in existence, capable of summoning huge swarms of skaven slaves and clanrats, but to win a good commander also needs to be able to manage specialist troops including dangerously unpredictable ranged weaponry and the fragile but devastating assassins. The four clans - the assassins and rogues of Eshin, the engineers of Skyre, the mad scientists of Moulder and the plague-worshippers of Pestilens - are also important to keep in mind as whilst only one can own each of your settlements, all of their forces are needed in combination for real success in the long run.

It's said among the ratfolk that all tunnels lead to Skavenblight - but will you make it, or fall into a gutter along the way? Only you can find out...

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