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Hi Armikroggers!Another unbelievable day yesterday. I’m just blown away by the generosity and the determination of our backers. I have to admit, as I typed up yesterday’s update, I felt a pang of guilt as I asked everyone to chip in a little more, especially after everyone has already given so much of themselves. I half expected you all to tell me to go jump in the lake, that I was overstepping my bounds, that enough was enough. However, quite the opposite happened.

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The pledges continued upward. The average pledge per backer increased, and the number of pledges grew as well. We bounced back to #1 on Kicktraq, our projections started rising again, and I even saw Armikrog on the Kickstarter “Popular” list.And now, a day later, I find myself trying to summon the courage to ask more of you. Maybe I really am a jerk after all.At his point, with 2 days to go and so tantalizingly close to our goal, what we really need are more backers. Similar to my plea yesterday, if we could just get each of our current backers to bring one additional backer on board, we’d blast through the goal with time to spare. I know many of you have been recruiting backers already, and the Armikrog Army has been campaigning like crazy, but we could really use one final push.So here’s the plan: Coordinated Facebook Blitz. Today. At noon.There are currently over 14,000 of us. If each of us has on average 200 Facebook friends, that means we have the “potential” to reach 2.8 million+ people in one shot. Seems crazy, doesn’t it? If we could just get 0.02% of those friends to join us we’d jump to well over 21,000 backers in no time!If you’re comfortable doing so, I’d like to ask you to post a link to the Armikrog Kickstarter to your Facebook page today at noon, local time, in whatever time zone you are in. If not at noon, then as close to noon as you can. That way, at lunchtime today, Armikrog will be seen all over the world. Here’s some sample text you can copy and paste into your FB page, either as is, or edit as you see fit:Hi Friends! I recently backed this amazing game on Kickstarter called Armikrog, and with only two days to go we need your help to reach our goal. Please click the link below and consider helping however you can. Thanks!Kickstarter.comLet’s give it a try and see if we can’t push this thing over the top. I can't thank you enough!-MikeD

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