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Because everybody knows that Superspace is for weenies.

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Hello once again, Moddb. It's been... about a month, actually, since I last posted a news article about ITOG. So, what's been happening with the mod over that one month period?

A lot.

First and foremost, the release date for the alpha version that includes the playable Thiiei race is set for mid to late November. This is just a rough estimate though, so please don't hold me to it too much.

Secondly, ships. Lots of new ships. Six, to be exact.

Warp Node:

A Warp Node is a massive structure that is used to bring your ships into the battlezone via subspace tunnels.

Ipelak class Gunship:

The Ipelak is a corvette that has a serious hatred towards fighters.

Golar class Harvester:

The Golar - a lovable resource collector, as well as the backbone of the Thiian economy system.

Because I didn't want to clutter this article with too many pictures, you can see the other ships added at these links:

Warp Relay

Finally, here is a video that shows off some of the new ships, namely the Kio and Ritiak. Oh, and that blue nebula. I decided to take the advice given to me that I should brighten up the map. You're all welcome.


Textures need more work imo :/

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Psiyon Author

Yep. Unfortunately, that's the best I can do at the moment. As much as I'd like them to look better, nobody is willing to help me.

Yeah, it's the same old "boo-hoo, nobody will do 'x' task for me" story, but at least I learned how to texture my models (albeit crudely) instead of just whine about my incompetence.

The textures will get better as I get more experience though. They will probably never look amazing, but as I always say, they will be acceptable in the end.

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Best thing you could do is ask for help?

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