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This is what we've been sending all around us to make noise for this babsome game. There's all the details about the manufacturing of the game, on its idea and purpose, etc.

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RatRace is a local multiplayer game released the 21st April on the web-based platform AirConsole. The goal of the game is quite easy: your character, a little Bab, is running inevitably towards the finish line, but it’s up to you to make it jump in order to avoid the many traps along your way, and when possible, to push your friends into the grinder. The one ahead receives more point every minute than the others. When you get killed, you come back in the race instantly. This allows you to play without interruption and to cross the finish line in any case. Easy to play, fast-paced and eventful, sport, competition and many, many deaths.

The original idea was to develop a runner game simultaneously intuitive and dynamic, because of the platform AirConsole, which use your smartphone as a controller. To achieve the intuitive side, we had to simplify the controls of the player without reducing his or her feeling of freedom. To make the game dynamic, the biggest part of the job, we had to work hard on the blocks chaining, the timing of when you get to come back into the game once you’re dead, and the point system, so nobody gets any favor during the game.

The purpose of RatRace is the same as every game developed by DNA Studios on behalf of AirConsole : to make it se easy that you can play it, no matter your age or your experience in video games, without any tutorial. The developers also made sure that no player would be left behind by the game and had to watch his or her friends finish the game.

The game has been created by the Swiss company DNA Studios, which regroups four long-time friends. RatRace is not their first try. Their first mobile game, Antyz, has been downloaded more than 700’000 times at this time. The company then developed little games for AirConsole, and RatRace is the third. Each of these three games (Tower of Babel and The Neighborhood, two games among the most played ones on AirConsole) are set in the same graphic universe, that revolves around these adorable characters named the Babs (you can check the Babs Facebook page for more information.)

All these games have been developed for fun, along the core business of DNA Studios : they come off with customized web and or informatics solutions for any agent. The advantages of the AirConsole platform for our company is to propose games of small size, just for the pleasure to create them. Small size also allows to build and test new game design ideas.

Moreover, AirConsole has already a large gamers public, so that small developers like DNA Studios can be played easily by a lot of persons without too much effort on the game marketing. Other platforms make it way more difficult to be visible. In that sense, it is a perfect way to have fun, to test ideas and designs the easy way, and having an idea of what the players think and like.

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