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We are working so damn hard to try to find and fix these damn bugs that totally ruined the gameplay, here you can report/ tell us the bugs you find, if you don't tell us then it is impossible for us to fix it, so you'll better tell us now

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1) Few Crusader Shield have no lods, if you look at them far away they will appears as white
2) One of Cowboy Hat is in the Body Armor Menu (Fixed on the fix)
3) Some Musket Armors have textures bug/ plastic bug (Fixed on the fix)
4) Some Musket Bots have no legs (Can only be fixed on next version, already fixed but cannot post as a patch since it will mess up other things)
5) White Heads/ Zulu Heads Messed up (Fixed, download it on the fix to fix these problems)
6) When you drop the roman sword to the ground it transform into a Cow (MAGIC)
That's it for now, if you notice anymore bugs like anything please inform us now so we can fix it.

Next version things that are done already:

(Had to remove the native factions because they cause too much bugs)

Added new quest to single player for the lul
Added new sounds (deaths/ grunts/ scream/ victory sound) for Zombies (Some are epic)
Added new musics to replace native music
Added 45 new deaths sounds to multiplayer (Native death sounds is very boring)
Added 42 pain-sounds (The sound you will make when you get hit)
Added 30 yelling sounds
Added 20 new gun sounds (No more boring native gun sound)
Added 10 pole-staggered sounds (Sound you make when you get pole-stunned)
Added 8 bullet-passed/ bolt passed/ arrow passed by sounds
New melee weapons for rifleman for lul (Guitar ++)
Added some new lords to single player
Added several new haircuts
Added flaming/ fire arrows working on multiplayer
Added FIre arrows
Added 7 new maps to invasion
Added Storm Trooper Alien Bugs
Added Motor Bike to Rifleman faction
Added lots of new dinosaurs
Added Admin Faction : The Predators
Added few more robots enemies
Added some new lords to single player
Added 12 new maps to battle/ DM/ TDM mode
Added a new-unique looking Zulu Boss to Zulu Invasion
Added lots and lots of new babes
Added Pyramid Head (Only the head, not the body parts)
Lots of new lords added to single player
Knight of Reveran added to COR
Added some new aliens
Various of new enemies
Tons of other stuff but there is just too many so I might just skip it

Added some new animations
Added mimmaps for some helmets so they no longer appears as white when look at them far away (Need testing)
Enhanced Witch King of Angmar
Enhanced WW1 and WW2 Soldiers
Enhanced Samurais
Enhanced Invasion of Goblins
Enhanced Babe's invasion Enhanced Reveran faction
Enhanced Scottish Highlanders
Enhanced Empire
Polish Hussars now have horses to mount
Multiplayer bots now have more troop types
Easterling now have access to evil beast the giant elephant (Very expensive)
Barbarian Invasion now have Conan the true barbarian
Improve some maps

Major change to animation
Players will couch when they have to reload their guns
Most Firearms like AK47/ M4A1 and all those things now fire much faster than before
All Zombie Lords on single player are back to human to prevent crashes
People finally have the option to change the number of bots on both team
New gauntlets/ gloves for all factions
Empire now have plated foot armor
Gun smoke reduced to help reduce lag
Max number of voteable bots increased to 1000
Number of waves largely reduced
Spawn time for bots have been changed (Will need a test)
Knights of Reven no longer have gay (Fantasy) looking weapons/ Have lots of new weapons

Elemental of Earth and Fire Creature have shader now
Pistol/ Musket animation corrected
Fantasy warrior swords have shader now
Fantasy Stalker is no longer a midget
Gold limit is no longer 15000, it is now 999999
Fixed the buggy animation
Chinese swords no longer have buggy scabbard
Light sabers now have proper colours and real lighting effects
Muscle troll/ Giant troll body fixed
Mummy now have their own boots, no longer using humans
Uruk Hai Helmet Grey + Armor too black fixed
cannot see arrows when shoot fixed (Now you will see fire arrows when shoot)
Future Marine now finally playable
Machinegun / sniper bullets sticking out of body fixed
One of spartan shield size fixed, also added a new spartan helmet to spartans
helms deep map bug (Ai and players falling into underground glitch) fixed
Various map fixed (Buggy spawn point all those ones are fixed)
Warg no longer have invisible rider
Shark Rider is no longer riding a shark that looks invisible
Sauron's Armor no longer looks like a rubber

Everything is done, uploading new version right now..(You will have to wait for servers to get update or your game will mess up, I suggest wait a day before actually joining servers, most servers is not going to be updated in a day)


Hey hows is going, i sent this message on the official comment tread and didn't know about this one sorry. Umm my issue at this time is i'm missing a file. It's (Hair.brf). I noticed it when i looked in the 9.20 folder and saw it was gone. I was able to play it before just fine till i tried to put the 9.25 fix in the folder than it wouldn't run properly. An error popped up saying (Unable to open file: Modules\Extra Invasion\resources\Hair.brf) so i don't know if i can get the file or am I just screwed now?

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got it fixed :) Thank you. So far i see no bugs but i will report if i do

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Umm facial hair and faces are half white, list is soo long i cant reach Crusader states and the Empire. unless i need to download it again because it says thats been fixed.

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Also cant click on Future Marine for rifleman, other than that im not seeing any other problem. Great additions to a superb mod!!

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The future marine is still not playable i tested it.

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