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Exterminatus Alpha 8.61 features a new Chaos Space Marine (CSM) team, which is a major change in direction for EX a new level ex_streets.

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Alpha 8.61 features a new Chaos Space Marine (CSM) team, which is a major change in direction for EX. Also featured in this Alpha a new level ex_streets by WhitelightningTwister.

Install the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer

  • Navigate to the "Tools" section on your Steam games "Library"
  • Install the "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer"
  • Run the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer at least once.
  • You can exit once the menu has finished loading.

Install the latest Exterminatus Alpha

  • If you already have a copy of the EX alpha, delete it.
  • Run the alpha installer and follow it's instructions.
  • Restart Steam. You should now see both the Exterminatus Alpha listed in your library.


  • New IMP VS NID map ex_streets by WhitelightningTwister.
  • New stained glass window textures and Chaos capture sound by DontAsk4470.
  • New FGD file for authoring IMP VS CSM maps and a CSM test map called tech_adpet_lab_861.
  • Added a chaos option to the team selection menu, chaos class selection and chaos team HUD.
  • Placeholders for the CSM player classes..

Chaos Space Marine Classes

  • Renegade (basic tactical class)
  • Aspiring Champion (chaos veteran, Champ for short)
  • Raptor (fast assault class)
  • Havoc (heavy weapon class)
  • Chaos Terminator (with custom player model!)
  • Chaos Dreadnaught (we might make this a Hellbrute at some point)

The CSM player and weapon models, graphics, sound and weapons are all place holders for the assets I plan to add to the mod before Beta 9.

Many of the mod's systems have had to be changed to support the CSM team, some of them may have been missed, some of them may have been broken, this is why we test.

Even with these changes EX only supports 2 options for maps IMP VS CSM and IMP VS NID, other combinations have not been coded for.

Wikkyd's space marine scout player model is nearly ready for texturing. I hope we'll be able to get him in-game for the summer.

We have a whole bunch of Chaos marines that need custom assets. If like Wikkyd, DontAsk and WhitelightningTwister you would like to contribute content or help with EX please email me .

The Greenlight plan is kind of stalled. I have contacted GW, but only received automated responses to my emails. Without a definitive yay or nay it leaves me in a quandary on how to proceed. It looks like Steam Direct still isn't a thing, but Greenlight might be going away before we can complete the process. My "plan B" was to investigate ModDB's Desura service, but apparently that has been sold off and is currently offline. Plan "C" is a homebrew self-updater for EX, but that's still pretty sketchy at the moment.


WOAH! CHAOS added?!? you need to make a vid and spread the words man.

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