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Exterior Worlds that are going to be done in order. Updates constantly!

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MAPS(Updates Constantly!)

OotRP Birthday Edition Released!

(At this rate (School started recently [Nooo!]), Not all Maps will be done, but they will be release regardless. If you look at my news section, I have plenty of time finishing my maps between My birthday and Christmas, so don't worry, they will be done.)

Just a reminder, All I want to do is to finish the maps before I start dealing with missing models and textures.

Hyrule World:

Hyrule Field: 100%

Lake Hylia: 100%

Zora's River: 100% (Note to self, needs another readjust.)

Zora's Domain: 95% -I have this wall problem...

Jaba-Jaba Place: 25%

Kakariko Village:


Death Mountain:
Crater: 25%


Hyrule Castle:

Gerudo Bridge:

Gerudo Fortress: 100%

Haunted Wasteland: 25%

Desert Colossus: 25

Lon Lon Ranch 85

Kokiri Forest

The Lost Woods:

Sacred Meadow:

8/19 done. Not bad for a month (Minus 2 weeks since I was sick)

This updates constantly so; check everyday, every hour, every second. (Its just a gimmick but really, check every so often.)

I'm a one man team that has 1 month of skill so remember, not everything will be quick and perfect but I'll make sure it will.

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