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To date, we've been mostly just on Moddb. We decided to expand our PR effort and spread the word!

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Just a heads up, we'll be expanding our PR focus through our new Facebook and Steam Community profiles. Now if you would like to see more Cc content, you can visit your favorite sites to do so. This is something we intended to do before but never really thought much of it until now. Meanwhile, our website is going through some heavy fixes, and will be much more aesthetically pleasing.

Story revisions have been made, and you can now read Episode 1's scenario at the top of the Moddb profile page. We won't show off any weapon or Infested models, but if you haven't seen it, you should check them out!

You should definitely check out our other sites and keep up to date with our future media!
Also, big thanks to the Overgrowth team for allowing us to use their social media icons.


Joined! Great concept art. I like the colour tones.

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Those pictures are nice, i hope you guy's do well.

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I've been following this for an unfortunately long while and it's been going steadily downhill this whole time. Before you should even have a PR effort at all, you should have something worthy of showing people. I've seen models show and disappear, screenshots come and go, and none of that is left. I'm sorry, but do you even have a team?

I've worked on plenty of games that no one knew about until there was nothing to know, the games dying off long before any public announcement. This game should be at the unknown stage right now, not flashing a couple paintings, especially after 3 years of work.

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JustDaveIsFine Author

Your probably entirely correct, I really did jump the gun on the PR stuff.

You are entirely right to criticize me on this too. In the past, I've been hasty to release updates, a lot of times incomplete. I've also deleted quite a few of the older pictures simply because I thought about just keeping current pictures up. (Obviously a poor choice on my part.)

We do have a team and we've certainly made some progress, but right now a lot of work is just too early to show off yet.

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