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So in the wake of releasing a new version (Grab it! It's awesome!). We wanted to show you the workings behind the scenes. Read further if you want to know more.

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First: Happy new year to everyone.
Some of you might know me from other mods in CoH. Since my permanent breakup with those mods I helped Judge Alfred with modding N44. Mainly I have been doing background work, such was weapon statistics, penetration values and the like.

Since we here at N44 believe that users must know how the game works to understand it fully we want to help you understand how things work behind the scenes. For that we I have written a few posts to explain you how things work, in real life and later in Company of Heroes.

This also means we will release our internal documents where you can find every statistic about a unit, from it's accuracy over health to it's weapon values. We will release those documents for you when we have implemented the values written in it. It would not make any sense to give them to you beforehand and you are confused which values to use ;)

So, I have talked enough. Here is the link the the first post in the Series. It's about the basis of tank armour:

Eric4753 - - 209 comments

Thanks glad to see your back ruhr

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blackbishop - - 2,156 comments

Nice article :).

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Cyb3r - - 56 comments

Well written article rhur and great to see you back in action :)

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