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Well, thankfully, the 1st release seems to have gone very well. The majority of the feedback I've received so far has been very positive.

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Edit: I posted a rough cut of a new piece created by our composer pnezzy a few days ago but it never showed on the front page. So that everyone has a chance to hear it and get a taste of the new in-game music to come, I'm posting a link to it. It's titled 'Roughnecks"
Please check it out. ;)

Well, thankfully, the 1st release seems to have gone very well. The majority of the feedback I've received so far has been very positive.

To date the only issues reported have been to do with launching of the mod, of which there were 2 reports, and one report of Federation ships not firing on the enemy. I urge anyone with similar issues or any other suspected bugs to please report them to me via the contact info located in the readme file.

Please include how you installed it as well as how you run it, whether with a mod launcher, the bat file, or copied directly into the main FoC data folder. Also please make sure the issue is seen all the time and not just on certain maps.

Reporting as much complete information as possible will assist in finding out if it's a mod issue or a localized issue on the users game. This is especially critical if no other reports are made with the same problem.

Now, for those interested, things currently being developed for later versions are

Hero bugs for the Arachnid Empire. (I'm working on these now.)

A 3rd Faction, The Tophets, aka Skinnies (Rico will be designing them)

More in-game music fitting the SST theme. (Our new composer pnezzy is working on that.)

New voice work for units. (Male & female unit voices. we need a sound tech for this that can code as well)

New models for the defense satellites and pirate/hutt stations. (I'm working on these as well.)

New particle effects for weapons & explosions. (Jeff Cheney from Jeff's Particle Pack is handling that)

A space only Galactic Conquest. (Not started yet)

More canon SST user interface. (Basic work started)

So, as you can see, lots of stuff to do so stay tuned.


Very good! You guys have made an excellent start at the very least :)

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Rebelmoon Author

well, you helped dude. 90% of the stuff found and fixed in alpha testing was thanks to you. ;)

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oh i got an idea for a hero bug . . . . no wait i dont

ummmmmm maybe something a little more gothic horror like. with like arachnids frozen in carbonite on the surface kinda look

or maybe something with cap troopers or vehicles strugn out through it as trophies

i stick with the inferno adn mindhive concepts

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this mod is great. The alpha version really didnt have many bugs other than the arachnids sucking :P now i think the arachnids are a little powerful but its all good

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