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Expect the bug including the other stuff on the first released of version 2.40b mod.

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Maybe, everyone has been waiting for this seen 2014 or 2015 including 2016 i'm guess.

Well, let's put it aside then. For this Beta Test it will be more Units from the Uprising & Kane's Wrath as well the other stuff like Adjusments for the AI, Improvements of the Vehicle,Structures,Tank,Walker including Water & Land Locomotor.

With it Implemetation Code from Tiberium Wars & Kane's Wrath it will be quite different then the CNC3, but you will see some of the Upgrade & Skirmish Personality like Balanced Mode,Rusher Mode,Turtle Mode,Guerilla Mode & Steamroller Mode from the CNC3.

I been focussing on the SkirmishAI,Fixes & Schemas lately not on the other stuff like import Units & Structures from Kane's Wrath into RA3 that much but i will import it eventually. For the other Faction that you might been wondering about like a SteelTalons,ZOCOM,BlackHand,Marked of Kane,Reaper-17 and Traveler-59, it will not be playable for the time been because i didn't put the XML for the Units & Structures just yet, but for the GDI,NOD & Scrin it will be playable.

Lastly, you're probably want to know When or What Month for this mod to be actually released. Well It will come in 2017 eventually. Still this mod is for those who want to test it out and comment what bugs that i should fixes, and for those who want to ask about what i will be adding or maybe the other stuff like Shaders,Units,Uprising Code Fixes,DLC & Expansion Pack for the RA3, just comment down below and i will reply it for you. Good Luck & Enjoy.


This defintely seems like a very interesting mod, good thing I started watching this!

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great news!

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