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Multiple demo releases planned, rescheduling project to expand its scope.

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Thanks to the excellent advice and instruction of the kind folks at the Frictional Games Forum, the original demo is nearly complete... waaaaaayyy ahead of schedule.

For this reason, I've decided to put out more than one demo before release, and potentially also push back the final release date to allow room for expansion and refinement beyond what I had originally planned. (This is a good thing, yes?)

I haven't set any dates in stone yet, but expect to see the first demo at least a week before its official release date (9/01/2011) and a second demo sometime in early September.

A bit of news about the demo:
The demo is not a portion of the finished story. It's a completely separate plot that is meant to establish some backstory for Harvest proper. I expect to continue with this trend through the other demos (I'm hoping to create at least three, demonstrating different styles of play from the perspectives of different characters).

Screens will be posted as soon as I have them. Unfortunately none were saved from my last run so I have to go back and get them manually with PrintScreen and upload them. Patience!

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