Given the new plans for Exodus, we are currently in need of a few more members on the team. So please, HELP.

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Okay, so we have a few new plans for Exodus that are still under wraps, but I can share with you what a few are.

  • The game will only take place in multiplayer
  • The gameplay style will depend on what map you are playing on.
  • It will be a Humans Vs. Zombies type game
  • There will be a store where you can buy stuff (Weapons, Gameplay Types(?), Cosmetics, etc.) that you earn money from by winning games, getting kills, betting(?), etc
  • A community made for the game will be made, and your info (money, stats, etc.) will be stored internally on the community's server.

That is a list of planned features in Exodus. Now, to make these features, we need the following people to help us in making these features a reality.

  • Source Engine/C++ Coder (Must Be A Novice Programmer)
  • Website Programmer (Must have dealt with Social Networking before)
  • Modeler (Must know how to make novice models)
  • Human/Organic Modeler (Must know how to create organic models with a program like ZBrush or Mudbox.)
  • Animator (Must know how to rig and animate a model.)

If you qualify for any of these openings, please contact me over ModDB's PMing system.

Thanks, Gamerman12

PhuckKnuckle - - 45 comments

It's a good idea to prove that you're worth your weight in salt before you start asking for assistance. I'll assume that you're going to be the level designer since the position isn't listed. Post a link to some screen shots, videos, or even downloads of your -completed- maps and show what YOU yourself are going to be doing during development.

Absolutely DO NOT include; writing, ideas, or 'design' in your list of skills, especially for a mod like this. Prove that you'll get your hands dirty and you're competent in at least one -specific- skill and you'll get many more offers to help.

And if you're restarting the mod, I'd suggest removing all old images and editing the mod description to specify your new goals.

Trust me, from experience I know for a fact this isn't going to help you get much help.

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Gamerman12 Author
Gamerman12 - - 771 comments

We already have a new mapper, may be getting a new one, and we will also be getting a new page, and this one will be archived once we get a new page and content to put on it. The website is already in development. We even have some free hosting from my TF2 server from

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PhuckKnuckle - - 45 comments

Lol, I might as well have commented about the status quo of the Pacific Rim economy.

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ThatOGDon - - 231 comments

didnt answer his question...
what will yOU be doing for the mod?
please by jesus' cowhide sandals i hope u dont say something along the lines of what Skepsis said

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Awesome_ninja - - 809 comments

at least good to know you dropped all the other crap you made before, but as of now, there is nothing at all. You better show some media.

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Gamerman12 Author
Gamerman12 - - 771 comments

I am the Project Director, Co-Mapper, Texture Artist, and Video Editor.

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Mr.John - - 1,570 comments

Too bad these mod jobs are way outa my league yet.
Hope you find people, dont wanna watch you die. (the mod, not yourself.)

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Freak2121 - - 11 comments

Define "novice models"

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