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Today marks the day we change the mod forever. THERE SHALL BE CHANGE!

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Okay, so we are going to be making some big changes in the story and game itself. Heres why:
When a game developer pays too much attention to a story, they lose connection to the gameplay. But what makes a game so great is the gameplay itself, not an overused storyline of "War Never Changes" bullcrap. So today, we are changing the mod. We will not focus on the story as much, we will just have the gameplay be the main focus. We realized that Zombies are quite possibly the one thing we can have a lot of fun with when we don't take them seriously. In conclusion, there will be change.

Gamerman12 Author
Gamerman12 - - 771 comments

I used an Obama Picture for the lulz, don't sue me.

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Dragondx11 - - 196 comments

Wow Dafatcat, you're the nicest person I have ever met =D

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PhuckKnuckle - - 45 comments

Oh hey, another ****** zombie mod.

Couldn't you at least change it up and make it posessed Barbie doll toys that shoot lasers in outer space or something?

Btw, your statement on what [you think] game developers do when working on a story is... a whole new level of stupid.

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Dr.Goupyl - - 2,269 comments

No Future :)
The time is good to change your mind.

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Croco15 - - 1,240 comments

Just because its not Dear Esther doesn't mean its a bad mod. Sure its a zombie mod, but does that automatically make it bad? I've seen a lot of zombie mods. Most of them don't look amazing, but some do look promising. But no matter what, there's always some idiots saying "this is ****, too overused, suck my ****".

If we used that terminology for everything, we would still be in the stone age. Example: "Wheels are sooo overused and generic, and they don't look very good, use this block instead". So, maybe instead of labeling every less-than-perfect zombie mod "****", take a moment to actually think about how hard the person is working on it. And that they are NOT making mods just for you, they are making them for fun, on their own time. They do not owe anything to you. If anything, you owe them!

Just putting it out there.

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Derb - - 189 comments

I second that. Croco your like me. we appreciate anothers hard work.

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