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New update for EXIL about : the main character with ingame renders, gameplay informations and artists inspirations.

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Hello everybody, it's time to make an update of EXIL ! ;)

What are the features or planned features of EXIL ?

I realize that the gameplay of EXIL is very fuzzy. I will try to explain it a little bit more :
Lena is a character which can perform some amazing acrobatic actions. If you have already seen Tomb Raider or Prince of Persia in action you will understand what Lena can do : climbing, jumping, wallrun, and so on. Lena can perform acrobatic actions to go over the levels to the next goals. The puzzles are the level design : you need to figure out how to go ahead.
It's the "classic" acrobatic actions, but Lena can do more, with the power of the crystal, she will be able to walk on wall, ceilings and more. You will be obliged to think in 3D : roof, wall, ground, everything will be important to progress.

Fights will be important too, Lena will meet some people in this Kingdom, a lot are not her friends. The fight will be close to beat'em all system, with combo (chaining of actions with her swords) and special powers.

Project progress

As some of you have already seen, I have worked on Lena and her outfit. She is almost done, I need to work on some materials effects and start the animations. Of course some tweaks must be done (like fixing the strange look of her eyes). I plan to make the "climbing" action in the next few days also.

I have also made an artworks with Lena, I have filmed my drawing step by step and made a video, you can check it out :

I have also made a quick "Loading" video to replace the replace the one provided with the UDK :

(You can find more screenshots of my development on my personal blog : )


I think it's important to talk about my inspirations, because they define the atmosphere and the background of the game.
I'm a big fan of castles and huge architectures. This is why some artists influence me. Here is a list of the most important :

1# Zdzislaw Beksinski

Beksinski was a surrealist painter, most of his work represent the death or an empty and mystic world.
My inspiration for the desert and the citadel come from his paintings. They tell a lot of feelings, but bad feeling like loneliness, fear or the feeling of being small.
This last feeling is the most important for me, I want to create an huge world, I want that the player feel very small and powerless.
It's a manner to contrast his actions and his accomplishment. The smaller is your start, the more powerful you will feel later.

Website :

2# Naohisa Inoue

Naohisa Inoue is also a surrealist painter, but his work is more colorful and cheerful! You still feel this small/huge comparison in his paintings.
I think it's his power : even if the world is cheerful and fine, you still feel the loneliness.

Website :

3# Other artists/illustrations

I take also my inspiration and ideas from a lot of artist, trying to mix them and find an original world, here a quick choices of them :

(In order, artist name : Borkur, Kekai, Jonone, Korpi, Levi hopkins, Matt Gaser, Arkane studios - The Crossing, Tinfoil (x2), Tom Scholes.)

Follow the project

As always, you can follow the project with :

by my personal blog :
(Note that I update EXIL more often by Twitter than other systems)

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