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Work on EGV2 has begun! Free copy of EGV1 to give away..

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We've started working on Excruciating Guitar Voyage 2. It's going to be twice as awesome as the first game, and hopefully better in every way.

We've got a new animation tool, which allows us to create detailed animations for our disjointed "EGV-style" characters... it really brings them to life! We've also decided to give a little bit of the 3rd dimension to the EGV world, with everything slightly embossed.

EGV1 had mixed reviews from all over. A lot of people weren't certain whether to take it as a platform game or an adventure game (and some people weren't really sure what either were!). It had some great reviews, and some awful reviews - so why not make your own mind up?
EGV2, we're taking a lot of the constructive feedback on board.. we've tightened up the controls and interface, and we've written some really solid material, and hopefully that will show.

We're hoping to have the game finished by mid 2011 (May), but as the final schedule hasn't been decided on - we can't give a firm date, yet!

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