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Find more about Nexus 2! With more information on story and the technical side.

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A Exclusive interview with Attila Anga (lead designer) & Mike Horneman (managing director)!

I made successful contact with Most Wanted Entertainments and they where nice enough to answer them :)!


Q: How did you end up with

A: (Mike Horneman):
A friend of mine introduced us to the owners of the site and I thought it would be a perfect site through which to promote and fund out title.

Q: What will the story center around?
A: (Attila Anga):
I don't want to reveal much about the story yet, for obvious reasons.
The game starts in the Solar system. The wormhole leading to the Vardrag Confederation
collapsed, so we are once again restricted to only our star system. With the new IP (Inter-
Planetary) Drives the mega corporations spread all around the Solar system and fighting among
themselves for resources, planets and moons. The extremely rare Psis also became very much
sought after for their abilities. Most of them are working for the mega corporations, in their most
secret space stations. Marcus Cromwell is leading research along with some old friends on a
distant space station, developing a space-drive enabling interstellar travel with no success so
far. That's when trouble arises; space stations get destroyed with no survivors whatsoever. What
happened to them? Who or what did it? Is there connection between these space stations?

Q: Nexus will surely use an updated game engine, How advanced is it compared to nexus 1?
A (A.A):
We use Havok’s Vision engine. The original Nexus engine was a masterpiece but it’s more
than 8 years old now, so a next-gen technology is definitely at least on a par with it.

Q: The goal is 400,000, do you think it can be done?, We are at only still at 8%.
A (M.H):
Yes, we still have a long way to go and we’re planning to release more information and
materials on the project during the funding period

Q: Is there a back up plan for if the goal doesn't get reached?
A (M.H):
Well, we’ve had several parties contact us who are interested in working with us to bring this title to the market so there are several back-up plans…..

Q: How big will the mod support be?
A (A.A):
It is a definite goal to give the modders bigger freedom, enabling them to mod as much
aspects of the game as possible.

Q: For wish platforms will it release?

A (A.A):

PC only. Though a console could handle the graphics, the tactical depth of the game would
make the control very problematic.

Q: Are there plans on releasing the Nexus 1 source code?
A (A.A):

Q: Will Angelwing return in Nexus 2?
A (A.A):
Of course! Marcus Cromwell still captains it, although nobody saw Angel in the last 25 years.

Q: Some people would love to have a skirmish mode. Any plans on including it?
A (A.A):
As of now we don't have plans about including Skirmish mode. We plan only small modifications in the multiplayer, but that's not our main focus.

Q: When will the game release?
A (M.H):
As soon as it is done.

Q: How do the Creators fit in the story?
A (A.A):
As we learned in the first game, they are responsible for the creation of the Artificial Gods,
who then overpowered them. Only a small group could escape the Artificial Gods (with the ship
we know now as Angelwing) and tried to combat them by creating a new "weapon"- Angel. What
happened to the Creators who left behind? Did they all die? Maybe some others could escape as
well? The game provides answers for these questions.

Also exited? Post your thoughts below!

I would like to give a big thank you to Most Wanted Entertainment
for answering my questions regarding Nexus 2!

Want to contribute money into the project?

Go to: !

davo001 - - 1,414 comments

back-up plans ftw :D

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Nathanius - - 2,305 comments

Another game to look forward to, it's a huge relief that they have other back up plans!

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myxale - - 666 comments

One of the few Games that truly deserved a sequel. Badly so!

Glad to see it getting started. To be honest, I never truly believed there would be Nexus:2!


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Dwarden - - 163 comments

great, finally some news :)

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GeoModder - - 9 comments

A, some shiny new information! 8)

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cr0n0s - - 23 comments

any updates?

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mech2x - - 1 comments

It's on kickstarter

Please spread the word. Thx

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Guest - - 692,363 comments

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