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New game-play footage of our latest alpha build, tanks, explosions, lost temples and more, its all here to be seen.

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Honestly, I'm going to waffle for a bit, so if you're here for the trailer, feel free to skip to the end

Deep within the dark,

Deep in it’s cold embrace,

Deep down in the bowels of the world,

Deep within passages and caves ancient and old even when the world was young,

They shuffle forward…..

…..a ragged clutch of adventurers, once vital but now worn thin by the dank claustrophobic clasp of the lowest levels of the Dungeon of Networc. Their sanity flayed, fluttering here and there like a ragged cloak caught in a storm, darkness reaching out, grasping to unravel threads but still they had purpose, an idea, it drove them on.....

Forward they trudge, their way only feebly illuminated by their last straw torch. Its flame weak, hardly brighter than it's few pitifully embers and crowned now with gaunt strings of greasy smoke, this was it, the last push.

Finally the last portal was before them, squat and dank, repulsive like the moist maw of a giant toad. But beyond, one final fight, an abomination, the final bug. The one that can't be named.....

…..ok that's a fib it has many names, some well known 'WTF, why does it do that?' or 'I've f%$*ing checked this code a thousand times' and few more yet time worn and long forgotten 'Sod this, I'm going down the pub'

Well from this you can infer two things, one that Dazza's still doing the network code, while very nearly done, it still has a stubborn bug nestled somewhere within it. And two, that I've been watching too many Let’s Plays of Darkest Dungeon, that is one great looking game :)

So what do we bring to this show and tell?

Well we’ve put together a little trailer showing game-play and some of the environments we’ve been toiling away on.....

Well there you go, we hope you liked it and please keep an eye out for further updates from us.

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