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The platformer genre is taken for a spin as levels twist and turn to offer players exciting new challenges

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Today, Exception was added to Steam Greenlight after 18 months of initial work. The title is scheduled for release in late 2015 for PC, Linux and Mac.

Exception is a new action platformer set in a computer infested with malware. Your goal is to free the computer's operating system from an evil regime bent on total destruction.

The game presents a new approach to the standard platformer game by transforming levels as the player progresses. Entire levels twist, flip and rotate to create new challenges for the player. Battle against a range of ground and air based enemies while avoiding fast moving obstacles.

Exception's controls have been carefully refined to offer responsive, precise movement without burdening the player with needless complexity. The result is a title that's just as easy to pick up and play on day one as it is years later.


• Groundbreaking level transformation mechanic which adds a new dimension to the action platformer genre

• Carefully refined controls rival the best of modern precision platformer titles

• More than one hundred levels spread among sixteen worlds, complete with bosses and mini-bosses

• Retro-themed bonus stages based on classic gaming systems

• Dynamic enemy AI with advanced path-finding system adapts to changing level structure

• Graphic novel style cutscenes advance a compelling story of ambition, heroism and betrayal

Visit the Greenlight page here and please vote if you like what you see!

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